Quality Control

Over the years, the key people at Associated Biotech Group have worked with a number of innovative,
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At Associated Biotech Group of Companies, the Quality Assurance and control is a stringent procedure intended to determine that the manufactured products should strictly adhere to a defined set of quality criteria or meet the requirements of the client or customer, as per the International Quality Control Standards.

In order to implement an effective Quality Control program, we have predefined specific Quality standards that our products and services deliver. These procedures are clearly mentioned in our SOP. We Collect real-world data.

At Associated Biotech Group, the Quality control system is an ongoing process which assures preventive or remedial efforts, if required, has produced satisfactory results and to immediately detect occurrence or new instances of trouble.

At Associated Biotech Group, the facility is well set with newest instruments and advance technology to meet the international quality standards during manufacturing process. Testing of all the raw materials are done before the production and only approved materials are used for manufacturing. Testing records of all raw materials are maintained in store department and in manufacturing log sheets.

Intermediate and Finished Products are tested by Quality Control Department and released for further use or sale only after clearance reports are obtained from Quality Control Specifications, Testing Procedures and Testing Apparatus, Equipments, Instruments are validated and authenticated by the internal & external labs as per the SOP and international pharma copial specifications. Batches are released only after these clear the international quality specifications. Quality Control is very actively involved in all decisions concerning, international quality of the product.

Rejected materials and Out Of Specification (OOS) materials are kept separately as per storage conditions and are returned to the suppliers. Potent and thermo labile raw materials get stored safely with appropriate room conditions. Packing materials rejected are destroyed as per SOP.

Sampling and Dispensing of raw materials is done under Reverse Laminar Air Flow units (RLAF) to avoid cross contamination and occupational hazard.

Quality Control Department is independent of other departments and under the authority of competent person with appropriate qualifications and experience.